Welcome To IM Poké

Hi, we’re Isaac and Marvin and we help Bundaberg locals to eat fresh & delicious food without the hassle and stress of preparing a meal.

The time we had our first poke bowl turned into a defining moment. We wanted to provide Bundaberg locals the necessity of an alternative option that is fresh, healthy and delicious. With each bowl we provide, we give gratitude to the abundant local sources. We want YOU to try it for yourself and see the difference of having a fresh meal that is kind to your body.

Items we Offer

From $15

Chicken- A flavourful bowl of teriyaki marinated chicken with fresh greens that compliment the umami taste of teriyaki chicken

From $15

Tofu-Our vegetarian bowl which highlights our marinated tofu. Topped with greens that layers more flavour to this humble bowl.

From $15

Salmon- Locally-sourced fresh raw salmon with a squeeze of lemon. Complimented with greens that make this bowl taste like Hawaii.

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MON - WED - FRI (only)
Ordering cut off 6pm day before delivery

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